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The family got its first Boxer - King - in 1918 and he was one of the first boxers in Norway. King was the playmate to Aase in the 1920ies, and her daughter Wenche followed up with Pancho in the 1960ies. Later she imported the first boxers from England to Norway from the famous Wardrobes kennel. In Bergen on the west coast of Norway, Øystein started up his breeding of boxers under the Eikbo prefix. When Wenche and Øystein married, the boxers followed the family. When the children were small the Standard Schnauzers and a Sealyham terrier replaced the boxers, but today the boxers are again to be found in the family.

Both Wenche and Øystein are authorized international show judges, first for boxers and later for many other breeds. They have both been Chairman of the Norwegian Boxer Club.

As most of our dogs were males, we have bred only a few litters. However, we have bred some champions both of Boxer, Standard Schnauzers and Sealyham Terriers.



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